Treatments Nescens

Nescens spa treatments are designed to act over time and offer personalized support. All age-related skin concerns are at the center of each Nescens treatment protocol.

Nescens Fundamental Preventive anti-aging treatment
This dynamic treatment resurfaces and deeply regenerates the cutaneous structure of the face, neck and chest. It restores the skin’s elasticity and eliminates cell residue, making the complexion look visibly fresher and more radiant.

Nescens High Tolerance Preventive anti-aging treatment
This treatment soothes and regenerates the deep cellular tissue, restoring skin comfort and softness, and resulting in a smooth, glowing complexion. Suitable for women and men.

Nescens Fundamental Corrective anti-aging treatment
Sophisticated technology goes hand-in-hand with a profound feeling of well-being throughout this treatment. Signs of fatigue and small wrinkles are smoothed away through active Nescens ingredients working together, and deeply restructuring, moisturizing and revitalizing the skin, which regains its
natural defences and appears smooth, glowing and plumped.

Nescens Total Reparatory anti-aging treatment
Combines luxury, comfort and effectiveness. This exceptional treatment initiates a process of deep relaxation during a targeted body massage and continues with the Basic Corrective anti-aging treatment. Suitable for women and men.

Nescens Fundamental pre-sun treatment
Prepares the skin by eliminating cellular residues and reducing cutaneous reactivity. An ideal treatment at the start of a stay, it gives your complexion a special glow and prepares it for exposure to the sun.

Nescens Fundamental after-sun treatment
Intensive reconstitution care treatment after prolonged exposure to the sun, this treatment helps counteract aging processes linked with skin irritations and the adverse effects of the sun. It deeply rehydrates, soothes and restores the self-defense mechanisms of the skin, which regains its suppleness, comfortable feel and natural protection.

Nescens Men’s Fundamental Preventive anti-aging treatment
Especially designed for men, this energizing treatment intensely regenerates the skin structure of the face and neck, while specific modeling targets muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, restoring elasticity of the skin and removing cellular waste. The result is a fresh, clean and revitalized complexion.

Nescens Fundamental Corrective anti-aging hand treatment
This deeply moisturizing anti-aging hand treatment with its anti-spot, lightening action is accompanied by a full manicure and nail polish.