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A comprehensive method for strengthening the deep muscles that define posture, Pilates is ideal for improving awareness of one's body, strength and limitations, and for making better use of them. In 2020, the Spa at La Réserve Ramatuelle is introducing Pilates sessions in a private studio designed to ensure maximum benefit in complete privacy. Passionate enthusiasts well-trained in the technique created by Joseph Pilates in New York 1920, the coaches now work with the Align-Pilates Reformer Demi Cadillac to optimize its effects. 

Enhance your form and suppleness

With your personalised assessment and objectives in hand, you’ll find a renewed taste for exercising at your own pace in the Spa’s beautiful, ideally equipped gym.

There you will find state-of-the-art equipment by Technogym (with computer memory and personal key): treadmills, exercise bikes, muscle-building equipment, individual or limited group exercise classes (Pilates, Body Sculpt, Stretching, Yoga Balance, Aquagym).

Everything you need to enjoy preparing your body and helping it recuperate.


KINESIS™, the newest generation of cable equipment from Technogym, offers a workout method based on both movement and personalisation, a modular solution that takes a whole new approach to physical exercise.

The principle is simple: it involves working on strength, suppleness and balance in a 3-dimensional space.

Through more than 250 different exercises, KINESIS™ focuses on natural movements and enables you to execute fluid, straight, circular or diagonal exercises
that call on various parts of the body.

In short, 30-minute sessions, the workout is very complete and focused on well-being.

The patented KINESIS™ Wall features a sophisticated and highly attractive design and is made of high quality wood and steel. Like a bubble in which nothing hampers movement, the overall concept promotes concentration and relaxation.

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