MAY 2024

The VIP practitioners for summer 2024 in Nescens Spa

Lionel Jourdan

A holistic therapist with 20 years of experience, Lionel Jourdan constantly enriches his practice based on traditional Chinese medicine taking account of body, energy and mind. Drawing on his many years of experience, he has developed a unique holistic and integrative approach, adapting his treatments to each individual’s specific needs and issues.

Present from 20 to 24 June and 6 to 10 September.

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Gilles Rio

Gilles Rio is an unconditional devotee of ancient China and its arts. In 2003, he became a professional instructor in the disciplines of Qigong, meditation as well as several Chinese martial arts of which he is the recognized heir in China. He simultaneously turned to Chinese medicine and traditional Feng Shui 風水. A tireless seeker, Gilles Rio regularly returns to China, where he continues to perfect his knowledge with accomplished masters and is keen to pass it on by authoring dedicated books.

Present from 5 to 10 June and 27 September to 2 October.

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