A different vision
of luxury


Experience a different vision of luxury at La Réserve.


The subtle luxury of refined simplicity, uncluttered and unpretentious. Experience a reassuring sense of privacy, the luxury of an attentive, discreet staff.

Here, you will find an intimate and infinitely pleasing home away from home, where excellence is both a vocation and a promise to those who share an appreciation for a different way of life.

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In Brief


Sober lines and a streamlined design create a fresh, new atmosphere promoting complete relaxation....


Inside, the focus is on space and openness, allowing the Mediterranean sun to work its golden magic....

Suites and rooms


In exquisite fusion with an extraordinary natural environment, the hotel-spa melts into the landscape, the Mediterranean Sea as the unique horizon.



Open to all, the starred restaurant provides an opportunity to get to know La Réserve Ramatuelle in the most delicious possible manner.

The Villas

The Villas

Villas offering a magnificent view of the Mediterranean stretching far towards the horizon.

Classic provençal-style villas with pools are set in lovely private gardens, where hardly a sound is heard except for a chorus of cicadas.