Spa Nescens — What's new this summer
MAY 2024
Spa Nescens — What's new this summer

Nescens and Oxylight metamorphose treatments

Nescens further developes its Skincare expertise with Oxylight technology and offers customized treatments with enhanced effects thanks to diamond dermabrasion, oxygen, ultrasound, microcurrent and LED therapy.

Better-Aging facial ritual

A five-step facial ritual combining skin cleansing, muscular preparation, drainage movements, powerful facial lifting and accessories to boost collagen production. Skin is firmed, wrinkles reduced and a glowing complexion results. In 80 minutes option, the treatment begins with a Better-Aging Body Ritual back massage, offering a holistic moment of repair and rejuvenation.

Skincare boosters

Nescens Expert Rituals are short protocols designed to complement a treatment or massage while substantially increasing the effectiveness of Nescens treatments.

Muscle and repair massage

Developed by the experts at Clinique Nescens, this is the ideal way to recuperate after a sports session, relieve tension caused by poor posture or indulge in a moment of memorable relaxation. Its powerful over-all movements, both technical and all-encompassing, involve the entire body, making this massage a not-to-be- missed opportunity to let go while experiencing a precious moment of comfort.

Women’s Better-Aging

Helping women feel fulfilled, beautiful and happy is one of Nescens’ caring values. The BAW package is punctuated by oxygenating walks in the heart of this exceptional landscape, as well as yoga and Pilates sessions to help you become more grounded and adaptable.

VIP practionners

Lionel Jourdan: Holistic therapist for 20 years, specialized in the art of Tui-na massage, Reflexology and acu-Sportive. He will be on hand at Spa Nescens to offer tailor-made rituals designed to rebalance your energies and enhance your summer holiday.


Gilles Rio: Steeped in the culture of ancient China, he will dedicate his time at La Réserve Ramatuelle to teaching QI Qong, meditation and ancestral massage.

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