MAR. 2021

Eric Canino, two Michelin-starred chef at La Réserve Ramatuelle



Tireless quality advocate and fearless taste explorer, dedicated produce tracker and light-touch virtuoso, Eric Canino is a man of powerful convictions. Trained by Michel Guérard, Michelin-starred chef at Eugénie-Les-Bains and then by Guy Martin, from Le Grand Véfour in Paris, he was a trailblazer in the field of light yet delicious wellness-driven haute cuisine. He has indeed become one of its greatest maestros and now holds two Michelin stars, a natural source of pride for the chef of La Voile, the restaurant he was asked to head up by Michel Reybier when it first opened in 2009. The two men share the same discretion, the same disdain for ostentation and above all the same vision of healthy gastronomy, designed and developed for the sole pleasure of customers.

An unequivocal fan of wonderful produce, Eric Canino favors short supply chains, and is committed to working alongside local producers. His incredible all-vegetable menu has become a great classic, as has his signature dish, bluefin tuna rubbed with spices. True to his lifelong commitment to healthy, natural cooking, his recipes exude simplicity, while elegantly modernizing the classic Mediterranean repertoire.

“We make every effort to work with and enhance very simple produce, based on the sole criterion of pleasing the palate.”