NOV. 2020


A comprehensive method for strengthening the deep muscles that define posture, Pilates is ideal for improving awareness of one’s body, strength and limitations, and for making better use of them. In 2020, the Spa at La Réserve Ramatuelle is introducing Pilates sessions in a private studio designed to ensure maximum benefit in complete privacy. Passionate enthusiasts well-trained in the technique created by Joseph Pilates in New York 1920, the coaches now work with the Align-Pilates Reformer Demi Cadillac to optimize its effects.

  • Lateral thoracic breathing to make better use of the lungs.
  • Concentration, to ensure optimal quality of the exercises thanks to awareness of each movement and its execution.
  • Centering, which bases all movements on the abdominal wall, the body’s energy core.
  • Control which combines breath and mind to control and feel every posture, every gesture in full consciousness.
  • The flow of each movement always carried out in a smooth and graceful manner so as to bring the expected balance and harmony.
  • Precision which is more about perfect quality of execution than the quantity of exercises. The moves must be carefully calculated so as to have a real impact on the muscles.

Pilates Reformer 50 min: Alone €170 – For two €220